Camelot Dairies

                           Pure Australian Camel Milk 


"Three years ago I was diagnosed with I.B.S but I have always had digestion issues and just didn't know what they were. I could spend anywhere up to an hour at a time in the toilet and it was usually multiple times a day. I couldn't tolerate anything in the onion family and spicy food... forget it...even the mildest of spices would see me running to the loo within 30 minutes. The most annoying part is never knowing when the dreaded urge to go will strike. On top of that is the uncomfortable bloating, cramping and the stabbing pains. My wife and I were told about the gut healing properties of camel milk and whilst a tad skeptical we both thought "what do I have to lose?" It would either help or it wouldn't and it couldn't make it worse. I started with the recommended 125mL a day and in the first week alone my wife had noticed a difference in my toileting habits. I was going only twice a day and for only up to 30 minutes. The bloating and cramping had drastically reduced and for the first time in a long time I had tacos without the instant rush to the toilet. I'm not a milk drinker and have always gone for cheese or yogurt for my dairy intake instead, but I have no issues in drinking the camel milk, in fact I no longer measure out milk into a glass and just take a big swig out of the bottle each day (if not multiple times a day) My wife and I are so happy I was given a chance to try the camel milk and are both thrilled with the results I've had. Drinking camel milk is now a part of my daily routine and I encourage anyone with gut health issues to give it a try. You have nothing to lose. The quality of the milk from Camelot Dairies is amazing and cannot be faulted. Thank you so much to both Wayne and Melanie for introducing us to your camels and their milk, we certainly don't regret either." Simon James 11.12.16

"I have never been so happy with a product before. My 3 month old daughter suffered with dry skin and I had tried other natural products on her as well as other dermatological recommended products which she had bad reactions too. I tried the Natural Camelmilk hand and body wash in the unscented range on her and within 3 days her skin was even softer and smoother than the day she was born. I myself suffer dry skin and use the product and could not be happier. It has totally changed bath time in our house for the better and I am very excited to share my experience with anyone who will stop to listen. Thank you Camelot Dairies for such a fabulous product." Kelly Backhouse 6.12.16

"I recently purchased the Camelmilk Hand & Body Wash and I absolutely love it! I chose to go with th unscented so I could add my own scent, I love having that option. It's an excellent product and will definitely be buying more. Awesome job Mel & Wayne on creating an excellent product!" Kazz Pettit  16.11.16


"I have been giving my son with Autism camel milk from Camelot Dairies since Dec 13th. Within 2 days we started noticing changes beginning with his speech, his words were clearer (he was noisier but that's because he was talking so much more) then after a few more days we realized that his aggression had subsided dramatically to pretty much nothing... We are totally amazed!! Thank you Mel & Wayne!!! A total godsend for us." Simone Christensen 18.12.16